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Cookies N Cream Brownie Slab


Cookies N Cream Brownie Slab

Our Cookies N Cream Icing on our fudgy Brownie slab.

The small slab can be cut into 20 pieces, Large brownies can be cut into 40 pieces, the dimensions of each size will be 5cmx6cm. 

Gluten-Free Not available.

Please read our Terms and Conditions for order/pre-order information


We do use soy, gluten, nuts, and other allergens in our facility, so there is a possibility of cross contamination, we take all necessary precautions to prevent contamination, such as separate preparation, separate storage, product labels, extensive and ongoing staff training. We also hold a 5 star food safety rating for our high practise standards.

Non Gluten Free:


Baking Instructions

Baking time for frozen pies:

30 min at 175 degrees

15-20 min at 180 degrees

Use the fan setting in your oven


Baking time for frozen rolls:

30 min at 175 degrees

10-15 min at 180 degrees

Shipping information

This cake is available for pickup. Choose the date and time of pickup in the cart.