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Gluten-free Rocky Road tub

gluten-free option

Gluten-free Rocky Road tub

Gluten free and Vegan Rocky Road, made with house made marshmallows, gluten free biscuit and jelly lollies, covered in 68% belgian couverture vegan chocolate.


We do use soy, gluten,nuts, and other allergens in our facility, so there is a possibility of cross contamination, we take all necessary precautions to prevent contamination, such as separate preparation, separate storage, product labels, extensive and ongoing staff training. We also hold a 5 star food safety rating for our high practise standards.

Gluten Free:

Please note that the Dark chocolate used as an ingredient in this item has a 'may contain traces of milk' statement due to manufacturing on shared equipment and/or the presence of milk in their manufacturing facility.

Gluten Free Chocolate Flavour

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This cake is available for pickup. Choose the date and time of pickup in the cart.