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Design your own wedding & engagement cake!


  • This form takes about 5 mins to complete.
  • If you have any specific dietary requirements please mention that in the description box
  • Your photo inspo is preferred, otherwise the colour shades will be subject to availability and our discretion/interpretation
  • Booking subject to availability, await confirmation from us

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Pick Up and Order Information

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All bookings Subject to availability and we do get fully booked at times.

This is an enquiry form and the price is indicative only. Your order is unconfirmed until paid in full and confirmed via email.

Please select your intended date that you require your wedding cake for below

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Choose Shape and Size

Would you like Gluten free?

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Cake Flavor Selection

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Cake Filling

This is the icing in the middle between the 2 layers of cake.

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Cake Appearance Description

How would you like your cake to look:
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Base Color:

Inspiration Image

Inspiration Image:

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Thank you for designing a wedding & engagement cake!