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Design your own vintage cake!

  • This is an enquiry form to design your own vintage cake! After you fill out this form we will be in touch with you in email in 1-2 business days.
  • Order as early in advance as you like, as bookings are subject to availability.
  • We sometimes try to squeeze in late orders as late as 3 days before your pick up but this is subject to availability.

Step 1:

Pick Up and Order Information

Provisional Pick Up Date:

All bookings are subject to availability, wait to hear back from us in email, your order is confirmed once it is paid.

Step 2:

Choose Shape and Size

What size Cake?

Would you like Gluten free?

Step 3:

Cake Flavor Selection

Step 4:

Cake Filling

This is the icing in the middle between the 2 layers of cake.

Step 5:

Cake Appearance Description

How would you like your cake to look:
One colour you would like to see on your cake:
Base Color:

Inspiration Image

Inspiration Image:

Step 6:

Additional Decorations

Step 7:

Custom Message

Step 8:

Contact Information

Email Address:
Phone Number:


Thank you for designing a vintage cake!