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valentines day cake

Valentines day is almost here!


Valentines Day Cake | Christmas is over and onto our next big project... Valentines day at Veganyumm! We usually get a short week of a breather and then we are in our kitchen testing and planning our next big release. It always seems to come together on the eleventh hour!

But we hope we have done it again with our 2021 big release, The salted pretzel biscoff blondie! All of us tried it and we can say it is SUPER YUMM!

Available only on the 12-14th of Feb!

What else do we have on.. The heart toppers are back, three years in a row now! We received many messages and emails the days leading up asking if we will have them again! We roll, hand cut and hand letter press each and every heart! You get to pick from 20 different messages, some are-lets just say, a little adventurous.

Valentines Day Cake | Our new cupcake designs are super cute, well done to our decorator for being a cupcake Queen! Its so good that Vegan cupcakes is something everyone can enjoy. (we do have Gluten free options,  soy free, nut free, coconut free ones too!)

The tiramisu cups are also back (we just had to... we wanted to eat them again ourselves haha!) They have been approved by many as the best tiramisu they have ever had, vegan or not! WOW THANK YOU! We will be making a few more than last year, but always pre-order online to guarantee!

Have a fantastic vegan valentines day!

We really hope you and your loved ones enjoy it :)

Thanks for the love as always!